Chemical Expertise, Operational Excellence

ProFlow Solutions is a premier provider of production chemicals and solutions to the vast domestic and international upstream market, continually delivering on expertise, customization, accuracy and performance.

The ProFlow Mission

To provide high-quality, sustainable production chemicals and services to our customers across the Gulf of Mexico and beyond while maintaining our reputable professionalism and integrity.

Production Chemicals

Working to develop targeted solutions and improving customers’ bottom lines.

Production Services

Our lab and transport services ensure you receive the right chemicals at the right time.

Production Chemicals & Services

Constructing a Better Future Together

With over five years deepwater experience, ProFlow Solutions is your one-stop shop for production chemicals and services for the vast upstream market.

Finest Product Lines

Better Performance at a Reasonable Price
Our goal is to help producers increase and maximize production while consistently lowering costs. ProFlow is full service, offering a large range of production chemicals, in addition to production equipment and delivery and service trucks.

The First Source for Your Deepwater Applications

Paraffin Inhibitors
Paraffin Dispersants
Water Clarifiers
Scale Inhibitors

Corrosion Inhibitors
Oxygen Scavengers
Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers
Carbon Dioxide Scavengers
Salt Inhibitors
Hydrate Inhibitors
Flow-Enhancement Products
… And Many More!

Operational Excellence

Growth Oriented

Acquired by Jacam Catalyst in 2022, a leading manufacturer and service provider of oilfield chemicals, we have the resources and financial stability to keep abreast of modern technologies and chemistries. With the support of our parent company, our bandwidth has spread internationally – across the Gulf of Mexico and North America, into Canada, and as far as Middle East, Africa and other countries. ProFlow Solutions’ reputation, project experience and market share, combined with Jacam Catalyst’s extensive manufacturing capabilities, technical resources and infrastructure, will accelerate our growth in a significant, yet untapped market.

State of-the-Art Laboratories
ProFlow Solutions has labs in Broussard, Louisiana; Midland/Odessa and The Woodlands, Texas; and in Sterling, Kansas.

Trusted Solutions

Trusted Services


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Our operations are built upon the foundation of excellent customer service, working to develop targeted solutions, and ultimately improving the customer’s bottom line. If you share our commitment to improving our customers’ productivity, we would like to hear from you.

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